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Hello good people!!:) Hope this finds you well, in the best of spirits. Ever heard of situationships? Ever been in one? Ever had a friend in one? Well today we are going to talk about situationships. I know some of you are in the dark, others are lost. I’m gonna find you in a bit. The word situationship sounds like relationship right? That’s because it is so similar to a relationship but it’s not. So you meet someone and you really like them. You get talking and get to know each other and everything seems like it’s moving towards the right direction. Life is good, you are happy and above all your hopes are up. It looks to you like this friendship is going on to the next level. And then boom! One day something happens and it occurs to you that you had been dreaming. You thought that you were in something that was heading to a relationship but bunny no, you were in a situationship.


The worst part about a situationship is that usually it is filled with hope, often one sided hope. One party is ever hopeful. Hopeful for better things. Hopeful for progress, for growth. But sadly, it doesn’t happen. Situationships happen all the time. They happen to the best of us. They leave us a little bit hurt but so much stronger, so much wiser. They are a lesson. So y’all! Have you been in a situationship? Do you think that you are in a relationship but are starting to feel like you are in a situationship? Worry not, you are not cursed, nor are you unfortunate. Life was just teaching you something, life was sharpening you. Getting you ready for better things. The other party in the situationship is not a bad person FYI, they are just not meant for you. So if someone put you in a situationship don’t hate them, after all who even has the strength to hate? Hate requires so much negative energy. Too much actually and we don’t have that. Live life, be happy, love more hate no one and SMILE!! Oh yes SMILE. If I start talking about what a smile does to our lives I’ll write an entire blog post.
Love, Tushy 🙂